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Creation of a full 3d model prepared for use in VRchat. This is for personal use and not to be distributed.
‘Toki’ Character References;
https://i.imgur.com/7gVxcgc.png ( Character Reference #1 )
https://i.imgur.com/J9fVS6j.png?1 ( Character Reference #2 )
https://i.imgur.com/ioY6Seh.jpg Art
https://i.imgur.com/GMy1EHl.png Art
https://i.imgur.com/1ANm7k3.png Icon
3d Model Anime Style Reference ( Quality / Proportions / References too )
These references are useful as an expected end quality but the expected character proportions are similar too. Whilst Toki is a male character, the character is quite thin and not muscular tone.
--- Expected
3d Model ( Base version, Clothed Version )
--- Also Required
Rigged for VRchat ( Motion Tracking with Vive / Manus Glove / Body )
Hair Motion
Facial Expressions Animations / Controls ( Blinking, Eyebrow movement, Mouth movement for audio lip sync, Ear movement )
Tail Animation
I will require everything in the ‘required’ list above. This may require another individual to handle the preparation components for animation.
I will be looking to have more 3d models created in the future based on this first template at a later date. Pricing for any additional characters in the future to be negotiated.
Creative Aspects
The 3d model is to be designed in a anime style. The character human features are to be emphasized rather than their animalistic parts with the exception of the ears and tail. Other minor differences include the face having a short muzzle and a cat like nose. Toki is not suppose to resemble any animal in particular.
Creative input is welcome to achieve a higher quality model / Better looking Models(s).
- Model Base (underwear)
This model is to be used as a baseline featuring the main body markings. It the future, different attire may be applied.
- Model with Clothing
Although in the web series the character will be wearing armor. The model here will be a Casual Wear variation. ( Strong White/Blue/Black themes with Gold/Silver secondaries )
Short Sleeve Hoodie, Large Hood, Unzipped at the Front.
T-Shirt underneath
Shorts ( With Belt / Hole for Tail )
Character Info
Toki is a Sabre set in the fantasy world titled ‘WinterSabre’, an upcoming webcomic series in development. ‘Sabres’ are Demons which resemble various species with anthropomorphic characteristics. The few that remain have been hidden for hundreds of thousands of years until now. The world of mankind has taken over and forgotten their place in the face of new threats. Now that the Sabres are back. What are there intentions?
- $2000.0

Max. Budget: £583.00

Ends in 18 days

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