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EPP C# Client

Looking for a Websites, IT & Software Freelancer

Hello, We need to perform .blog domain registrations, contact updates and name server uptades, from our ASP.NET customer portal, using the EPP web api If you know an existing tool that does that (like java epp-rtk) and you can help us configure it and integrate it to our asp.net website, please make a bid. If you can develop a custom c# library that can do the job, please go ahead and bid. Here's the https://registrars.nominet.uk/namespace/uk/registration-and-domain-management/epp-commands documentation on the EPP. Here's a list of methods that the library should support. Basically, most common operations for a hosting company like us: - Retrieving / updating a domain contact information - Retrieving / updating a domain name server (DNS) list - Retrieving / updating a domain transfer lock - Retrieving a domain expiration date - Retrieving a domain security code - Register a domain - Renew a domain - Transfer a domain - Retrieve registered domain list in my account - Retrieve expired / expiring domain list Finally, the library should be well designed and documented so it can be easily extended in the future. Thanks!

Max. Budget: £750.00

Ends in 6 days

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