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Build a new WordPress website using text / content from our existing website. Make it mobile friendly.

Looking for a Sales & Marketing and Websites, IT & Software Freelancer

We are a small company located in Slovenia. We make and sell a special kind of oven and grill along with various accessories which are used to create / bake a traditional Hungarian / Romanian / Czech product. We have a web site which a friend built which does UK in the Google rankings, however its looking a bit outdated now. We recently had SEO done for us and was told that we should modernise it and move it to wordPress format. From there, our SEO guy can then work on it. I am looking for someone to take the information from the existing website (mainly text) and create a more up to date wordPress site so that we can change / update it as we go and so that our SEO guy can work on it too. Its the look of the web site that's important for me and the ease of use. Our customers are 35 years to 60 years, so it should not be too difficult to navigate through. Our web site is: www.kurtos-kalacs.com

Max. Budget: £750.00

Ends in 6 days

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