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Social Media Management

Looking for a Sales & Marketing Freelancer

I have a live web site www.lifeinsurance4all.co.uk It's deliberately simple & transparent . I invite members of the public to complete a simple on line application form to obtain a variation free life insurance quotes. The idea being that the quote is sent to a marketing company VM Affiliates who then remunerate me for the quote They then sell the quote/enquiry to a qualified insurance broker. I need some one who is qualified and very experienced in Social Media Management to promote my site in a highly organised manner making my site stand out from the crowd, while marketing my unique selling points My main USL is i provide quotes from the whole of the UK Market Place and not just one provider This means the client does not receive advise/recommendations from one provider but ALL So they get the best policy from ALL providers potentially offering a cheaper policy while conveying to them the best policy to suit budget needs solutions best for them

Max. Budget: £750.00

Ends in 6 days

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