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Design and Build a Website for Daghub

Looking for a Design, Media & Architecture and Websites, IT & Software Freelancer

Daghub is a cryptocurrency startup and we’re proud to be the first exchange dedicated to dag based cryptocurrencies: Iota, RaiBlocks and Byteball. We’re currently looking to develop our first version of the platform and we need a passionate web designer to sketch it. We’d prefer to embed the branding of our company into the website, in such as way that we’ll be able to reuse certain shapes or unique features into other areas, such as our marketing campaigns. (EG: how this website uses this shape: https://imgur.com/a/SjNSj). Moreover, it is crucial for the web app to be SIMPLE and INTUITIVE. There’s nothing more we value in the design department of Daghub than this. We need the customer to quickly understand the information he’s presented and be subtly guided to click the action buttons. Please respond to the following questions: • Are you thrilled about cryptocurrencies? • What is your experience in web design? Can you send me your Dribble or Behance page? • Are you comfortable working with React and Node.js? I will send the website’s documentation after I select the candidate. Please write “dags are cool” to check you read the whole description. UK | Europe developers preferred, mostly due to timezone efficiency.

Max. Budget: £3,000.00

Ends in 7 days

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