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Charity SQL database and website

Looking for a Websites, IT & Software Freelancer

To build a web-based software platform and database using ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript and SQL. Graphic design and flair are a key aspect and the system must be designed to enable subsequently development to be incorporated without major reworking. System – 2 types of user, registration/logon/homepage with edit/multiple e mails and user logo upload, user to accept terms and conditions on 1st logon, 8 questionnaires created based on user input (from specialist module), with save draft and multiple embedded hyperlinks in text. User scores 3 criteria 1st time, only one after that, but display and can edit other 2. User dashboard with shortcut bar, drill down facility to detailed data, a document resource base (about 100 documents) linked to statements, admin management and reporting, user query facility, explanation of terms, feedback facility, and dashboard and report exporting. The system automatically awards/removes a quality mark logo to be displayed on screen/on reports, . Also, a short (2 minute) demo video. Once built, server and website to be transferred. Web site – home page (including banner, social media feed etc). Othet pages - quality mark, FAQs, useful links, prices and services, resources, contact us page, privacy policy/cookies. Completion and bug fixing by 1st week May 18. Our system must provide a secure, user-friendly and professional looking (i.e., use high-charts analytics) cloud-based platform on which clients are guided through a set of input forms to capture key data into a central master database. A set of internal algorithms and logic trees will be applied to generate the key reports and action roadmap specific to each client. The generated source code must be of high quality, written in UK English with plenty of commentary such that it will be easy for a 3rd party to quickly understand and develop further the project at any stage should we so wish. There should be no hidden or black boxes of code. All 3rd party licenses used or referenced must be 100% legitimate, solely owned and transferrable to Alumna Ltd within the scope of this project. There should be a separate database for each client, but all databases can reside on a common single hosted server. Subsequent development will leverage the growing volume of sector data, so the system needs to be configured to enable the future creation of research users who will be able to analyse consolidated data from all users. The build should also allow for the inclusion of trend indicators, benchmarking and a new report showing historical data over time. The dashboard and reporting layouts and content have already been created, but you are expected to contribute in terms of graphic design and flair to provide a professional look and feel to the product for both database and web site. The product needs to work on all main browsers, including on older versions, and the web site needs to be mobile compatible. SSL and regular system back-ups required. Rate US$12 per hour, estimate 500 hours. In accepting, the company employed will guarantee project is completed within given hours and it is implicit in specification agreed that this includes any work which would realistically be expected, even if not specifically included. Any work requested by employer outside scope of project will be added as extra hours. Payment by milestones and deliverables.

Max. Budget: £15.00

Ends in 6 days

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