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China market research and client support

Looking for a Sales & Marketing, Data Entry & Admin, and Translation & Languages Freelancer

ONLY NATIVE CHINESE BASED IN MAINLAND CHINA! Our company provides an online learning platform to help students prepare for the IELTS English test. We are one of the most successful e-learning companies for English with client schools in 12 countries. Our IELTS product is new and we have several clients in China and a dedicated server there. We need a local contact who speaks both English and native Chinese to help look after our clients and research the market. This is a part time job comprising several projects. We would agree on a fixed hourly rate and then pay you by task. Tasks broadly consist of the following: Client Support Your job would be to periodically call and email our clients and make sure they are getting what they need. If they have simple usage questions we would expect you to answer. If we need to talk to them about something sales or tech related, we would ask you to help facilitate, translate as necessary and coordinate with our team in the UK. This is ongoing and may take a few hours a month. Telemarketing Your job would be to contact potential prospects in China and introduce them to our product and to us. If English is not possible, we would ask you to help with sales calls. This is ongoing and may take a few hours per week. Marketing Our plan is to begin more web and direct marketing in China. We will almost certainly use a local agency to help with this. We need your help to identify potential partners and to help localise our products. This is a project which would last until we find marketing channels. General support Periodically we will need help dealing with suppliers or partners in China, such as our hosting provider. We also many need help to validate that functions work properly in China so would need your help in checking that the product is working correctly in China. This is very periodic and would be as needed. In short, the requirements are: 1. You speak both English and Chinese 2. You have a good nature and are comfortable speaking with clients on the phone. 3. You have a decent computer and a reasonable comfort level using it. 4. You are a freelancer who can do periodic work for us over a longer time period. 5. You are good at research and can help find potential clients and partners.

Max. Budget: £15.00

Ends in 6 days

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