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Web application software development

Looking for a Websites, IT & Software Freelancer

I'm in the process of building a web application that analyses a lot of travel data and generates the results from a UK tax perspective. I therefore need a developer with the following skills - * Full stack developer * Experience with Python in the backend using Flask for API development and Celery for background jobs * Experience with JavaScript in the frontend using React * Experience with Test-Driven Development * Experience with SqlAlchemy or similar ORM tool * Experience with PostgreSQL Developer will need to commit to completing the full project with milestones created and 50% of the budget payable at the end on successful completion. In addition, if the quality of the work is great we will be willing to make a bonus payment of £500. As a starting point, there are a number of issues/bugs which need to be built and following successful completion of these, we can then move on to building the rest of the application.

Max. Budget: £1,500.00

Ends in 6 days

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