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E-learning Content Creator using Elucidat

Looking for a Writing & Content and Translation & Languages Freelancer

Role Profile and Purpose of Job The Content Creator Role is a short-term project role working with Prosper Education to re-create existing teacher training content, material, tasks, evaluations and assessments within Elucidat. This work will be completed in English first and then in Chinese. Translation skills are highly desirable. As the work is related to training Early Years Education Teachers, any knowledge of English Language Teaching, Teacher Training methodology and / or Early Years learning pedagogy would be advantageous but not required. The Content Creator role will be required to work in close partnership with and to report into the Global Head of Teacher Training to ensure that the material is created in line with current training methodology and pedagogy. There is also a joint reporting channel into the Technical Director based in Sydney who will oversee the e-platform and LMS management component and with our strategic marketing team in Sydney, Australia who are responsible for the shopfront branding in line with existing main product branding. The CC role will also be required to edit audio and video content, will have a proven track record of integrating web-based e-learning platform content into LMS using SCORM, be responsible for testing and implementation cycles and training and onboarding other permanent members of the Teacher training team to be able to create and edit content on an ongoing basis. Required: Skills and Main duties 1. Content Creator: • Proven experience of web-hosted e-learning platforms and LMSs. • Re-create existing written teacher training content within a specified online learning and teaching platform • Find ways to prioritise methodological and pedagogical requirements above ease of platform and workflow functionality • Have experience of creating content for view on all devices including mobiles • Troubleshoot with the learning platform’s technical team and workflow support contacts on a daily basis by chat and weekly by call (flexible to UK / China and Australian hours) • Maximise current platform functionality to maximise opportunities to collect end user data in the form of survey feedback, learning evaluations and assessments • Think of creative ways to add video content hosted from within China rather than externally • Ability to create content in written English and Chinese • Ability to translate from English into Chinese with accuracy • A degree of knowledge about English Language Teaching or Teacher Training Methodology or Early Years Pedagogy would be an advantage although not essential 2. Design • Proven design skills showcased in other projects • Ability to create shopfront branding in line with current core product branding • Branch learning programmes to ensure the logical flow of e-study produces correct learning outcomes per core stage • Scoping the reporting of learner progress reports • Scoping automated prompts and certification at key stages of learning and end of course assessment 3. Editing • Edit video and audio content as required by materials and in line with copyrighting 4. Testing, Implementation and Reporting • Testing and reporting on the platform’s hosting of content in China (from external CDNs) from the end-user’s perspective • Testing and reporting on the platform’s hosting to add content by authors (via external CDNs) from the author’s perspective • Scoping, testing and implementation of the unique learner account set-up process and access to branched learning packages • Validity testing of end user source data and platform reporting • Reporting on user progress, completion and experience 5. LMS Implementation • Proven track record of integrating web-based e-learning platform content into LMS using SCORM 6. Training and onboarding other Teacher Training staff • Train team members how to create and edit content within the platform for ongoing projects and future editing

Max. Budget: £20,000.00

Ends in 6 days

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