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Music streams, social media -- 2

Looking for a Sales & Marketing and Websites, IT & Software Freelancer

Hey guys, so i am looking for 8x freelancers to start straight away. looking for music streams, work is very easy but is long. YOU WiLL NEED TO RUN MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS ON DIFFERENT WEB BROWSERS, EXAMPLE FIREFOX, CHORME, INTERNET EXPLORER ALSO THE APP, AND USE DIFFERENT VPN'S TO PLAY FROM THE UK , STREAM AND REPAT THE SAME SONG OVER AND OVER. EASY!!!! THIS IS MORE LIKE BACKGROUND WORK, EXAMPLE LEAVE IT STREAMING. YOU CAN WORK/ COMPLETE OTHER JOBS TO. We will pay $250 for 300.000 streams/plays will arrange milestone payments like this 1. $100 = 100.000 plays 2. $100 = 100.000 plays 3. $50 = 100.000 plays we understand it will take some time to complete so we do not have a deadline for it to be completed, as long as you get the plays. also if you have another computer, you can run another 4 accounts (all need to be different usernames) so that can be 8 running all at the same time and will take less time to complete. obv more computers less time, you get the idea. Will need to be sent screen shots every day, we don't mind how you organise the plays as long as they are there. we will send all information how to do the project so here is what a lot of people do, first download the app so you can see the plays, then have 4x different web browsers like firefox, chrome, explorer and safari. more web browser you have less time it will take to complete. then you will need to make different accounts for each new browsers, so that you can play the track. so take the screen shot from the app, it will show you how many plays you have done. you can only download 1 app, continue playing the track through the web browsers you will need to open new accounts for each web browser so you can repeat the track.. make sense? the amount of plays you have done will only show on the Spotify app you download from the website.

Max. Budget: £250.00

Ends in 6 days

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