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Looking for a Sales & Marketing, Translation & Languages, and Data Entry & Admin Freelancer

Individual Voluntary Arrangement, is a formal insolvency solution that allows one to deal with debts that one cannot afford to repay. In an IVA one agrees an affordable repayment plan with their creditors (the people they owe money to), which can be a monthly repayment or a lump sum (if one can gain access to it). They usually pay less than what they owe in an IVA and on completion of the arrangement, any remaining debts are written off. Good news is that Government legislation is now available to write-off over 70% of their debt if you owe over £5,000. Work at home agents required. Calling data would be provided by us. Agent needs to arrange VOIP and soft phone themselves. Call recording would be required. Agents with excellent communication skills needs to apply. Agents with IVA calling experience would be preferred. Fix payout £40.00 per approved lead.

Max. Budget: £40.00

Ends in 6 days

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