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Web scraper and data processing job for retail websites

Looking for a Data Entry & Admin, Websites, IT & Software, and Sales & Marketing Freelancer

Experienced web scraper and data processor to develop daily scraping service off 500+ retail product websites and one single affiliate network. Please only apply if you have referenceable web scraping and automation processing experience at this scale. Please explain the relevance of your experience within your application. Objective: To scrape products from 500+ retailer UK websites, all of which have 1,000’s of products (including colour/size/style variants). The data to be scraped is retail product data on the retailer's product detail page, including all available images (at full resolution). Example: https://www.johnlewis.com/gant-regular-straight-jeans-black-raw/p3174395 To scrape commission details for the same retailers (advertisers) from a single affiliate network. These products need to be scraped daily and then: • Stripped down to a subset of products based on a simple, single identification criteria (details provided to successful application). E.g. 5,000 products from a retail website might be reduced to 200 to be saved. (it might be that this reduction can be done before the data is scraped) • Mapped to a provided predefined category taxonomy – e.g. John Lewis might have Mens / Clothing / Tops / Polo Shirts and this will be mapped to Mens / Clothing / Shirts / Polo Shirts • Appended with the appropriate tracking URL elements for a single affiliate network which will be confirmed to successful applicant (e.g. Affiliate Window, Commission Junction) • Enriched with Shopify product tags based on data within the products title, description, colour, brand etc • Enriched products with data from the a single affiliate network which will be confirmed to successful applicant (commission % etc.) • Consolidated in to a single file/repository • Enriched with a calculation of the product price / affiliate commissions % (e.g. £30 RRP / 5% Commission = £1.50) • Uploaded to a Shopify website The successful applicant will setup the required services and database/repositories on an Amazon AWS machine. I have had a few conversations with freelancers that have submitted which indicate that my brief is not clear. For the avoidance of doubt: - This project is to deliver a stand alone solution that will scrape 500 websites every day - The products to be extracted will likely be 10,000+ (once a majority of the products on websites have been disregarded). - This process is not a one off, it will be run every day - The solution will not involve your team performing tasks every day. It needs to be an autonomous solution that requires no further involvement from the developer. - I will provide examples of data to be scraped and list of retailers to any freelancers that can demonstrate that they have relevant experience will complex, ongoing web scraping like this. Thanks :)

Max. Budget: £1,500.00

Ends in 6 days

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