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develop a multilingual website using Laravel and phase 2 a mobile app

Looking for a Websites, IT & Software Freelancer

Looking for an expert Laravel developer who can develop a multilingual website that that can be used as a bible study study tool that emulates the teaching model of Jesus Christ in the Bible. Example He taught people texts from the bible in small groups as well as in large groups (Like a MOOC). Plus His disciples made additional small groups and lead them in the teachings of Christ and the Bible. These small groups formed churches and additional small groups and learned from previous teachings that were written done in a form of courses. We want to first get it running as a website app and then move it to a mobile app running on IOS and Android. We have developed an initial sample at http://knowingGod.org As you can see the content is a often a short video and then some text that students learn and discuss within their local group with a size of 3-9. We anticipate 100's or thousands of these groups where each group has a facillator to lead it and communications between group members by SMS as well as email. (social learning) So you can see this is a course delivery system to many groups with blogs,videos and articles delivered as a CMS and MOOC To get started we would like to interview the potential developers to understand their skill level and see previous jobs they have done.Critical to us is that they have excellent English skills as we have had problems communicating in previous developments! God Bless David Austin freelancer@earsight.com Director http://bible.org ps only fluent English speakers need apply! prefer USA,Canada, Uk pps. Progressive web apps look interesting to us and we would like to dialog with the developer if Laravel is compatible with a future that may include Progressive web apps and their off line use

Max. Budget: £3,000.00

Ends in 6 days

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